Biology Notes | Class-XII


Chapter-1: Reproduction In Organisms

Chapter-2: Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants: Click Here

Chapter-3: Human Reproduction: Click Here

Chapter-4: Reproductive Health: Click Here

Chapter-5: Principles of Inheritance and Variation: Click Here

Chapter-6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter-7: Evolution: Click Here

Chapter-8: Human Health and Disease: Click Here

Chapter-9: Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production: Click Here

Chapter-10: Microbes in Human Welfare: Click Here

Chapter-11: Biotechnology: Principles and Processes: Click Here

Chapter-12: Biotechnology and its Application: Click Here

Chapter-13: Organisms and Populations: Click Here

Chapter-14: Ecosystem: Click Here

Chapter-15: Biodiversity and Conservation: Click Here

Chapter-16: Environmental Issues: Click Here

Notes with external links are by Priyanka Tyagi.

Text Books

NCERT TextBook (PDF)

NCERT TextBook (E-Copy/Flipbook)




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